Working With Your Local Shop Steward to Unionize

Canadian Union Landscape

In Alberta, Canada means if a company attempts to cheat you out of your pay or employment hours that you’re protected. Some businesses don’t provide paid sick leave either. There can be a lot of issues that make it work unionizing and you can find out more about that and the entire process below. There’s lots of great information available online and we hope this helps you clear things up 

Some Employers Want To Keep You Quiet

There are a few employers that feel if you are working together their worth should be supported by you and talk from them, not for them. We have heard some say, it is my opinion that employers should be permitted to limit employees of speech while in the work place based on the shape of work environment they are in. Ideally, action and belief ought to be in alignment. While initially reading this sounds improper and while we do not think that you can suppress free speech, it does shine a light. Can you work for a business which doesn’t align at the first location with you? Too many men and women are for the wrong motives, the cash in it. Therefore, if you take a job or don’t leave one and decide to stick around for just the cash, unless they are doing something you should not complain. The company deserves and should support.

The Fundamentals of Joining A Union

It is likely that if you started a project or a full time job and there was nothing similar to an introduction to a shop steward or your labour union or labour union dues, it’s not a unionized environment. You have a very, very particular pay scale, if it was and be required to pay union dues. If you are not working unionized and want to Find out if you can Find the Corporation’s workers to create a union – touch:

Teamsters Local Union 987 
5663 Burleigh Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1Z7
(403) 252-7843

They could help walk you through the joining a union process and procedure. Essentially you will want to receive the rest of the employees on board and a vote will be run. Then don’t even bother with the process, if you don’t believe that you can convince at least half in a minimum. While the employer doesn’t get much say in whether the employees unionize, and in fact they are not allowed to sway the choice. That being said you can not just force a marriage they have the right to vote on it.

Again, reach out to the Teamsters 987 labour union and they will meet with you confidentially with any of your questions or concerns. Looking at people change year over year you know how several members annually, you’ll need to absorb to keep bargaining power. In any case, you are not likely to be spending a great deal of time there. Membership needs nowadays are a whole lot more receptive, you only have to be willing to work and support the company.