Working With Your Local Shop Steward to Unionize

Canadian Union Landscape

In Alberta, Canada means if a company attempts to cheat you out of your pay or employment hours that you’re protected. Some businesses don’t provide paid sick leave either. There can be a lot of issues that make it work unionizing and you can find out more about that and the entire process below. There’s lots of great information available online and we hope Continue reading “Working With Your Local Shop Steward to Unionize”

Roles Of HR Consulting Firms Explained

roles of hr consulting firms

Is your business bleeding financially because redundancy among your employees? Or are you just trying to re-invent your human resource capacity to make your company competitive? Or Perhaps you want to understand what HR Consulting is all about. This article details some of the things that HR consulting deals with. Generally, human resource consulting encompasses the following: Continue reading “Roles Of HR Consulting Firms Explained”